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Rock your retirement


Encore! looks at "how to" rock your retirement. Not a financial guide, you get ideas on health, connections, travel and activities in retirement.

Will you be a traveler?

Baby Boomers are ACTIVE . Encore! the Book will guide readers to making the most of retirement.

Boomers are ACTIVE. A Boomer's Guide to a Rocking Retirement shows you how to make the most of retirement years.

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You have time now; what do you want to do with it? Encore! shares stories of other retirees and how they gave back.

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About the Book

“What do I do in retirement?” “Garden? Watch TV? Do crosswords?”

Encore! A Boomer’s Guide to a Rocking Retirement gives you a wide variety of ideas, stories and exercises that will lead you into creating a second act that ROCKS!

Instead of the plethora of retirement books that deal with your 401 K, this book deals with you: 

 *your fitness

 *your connections

  *your desire to travel

  *your zest for life

With a degree in Education and a Masters in Counselling, Watson has researched, written, spoken about and lived a retirement that many would envy! Watson has written 5 previous books, travelled to 10 different countries, volunteered in her community and around the world -ALL SINCE RETIREMENT BEGAN and on a teacher’s pension.

Curious what you can do in your retirement?

Grab a copy and one for a friend and see for yourself what the excitement is about!