Arizona State Greats Book Series

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Barry Goldwater: Mr. Arizona

Barry M. Goldwater, known as Mr. Arizona, served as a United States senator for 31 years. A life long conservative, Barry loved the land and people of Arizona. This book details his early days in Arizona, his military school education, his politics, love of aviation and ham radio. This book is reveals the life of an outspoken character who “didn’t give a damn if you were Republican or Democrat” as long as you got the job done! Appropriate for readers from age 10 to adult.

Raul Castro: Arizona’s First Hispanic Governor

Raul Castro was Arizona’s only Hispanic Governor, serving from 1975-1977. His life story is inspiring as it traces Castro from his humble beginnings, his life dealing with discrimination, college, career and his success later in life. For any one wanting to learn about Arizona’s famous personalities, this book will be appropriate for readers from age 10 to adult.

Rose Mofford: First Woman Governor of Arizona

Rose Mofford, the first woman governor in Arizona, served following the impeachment of Governor Ev Mecham in 1987-1991. The book details her early life in Globe, Arizona and her first job in Arizona government where she worked for fifty-one years. This book has been termed revealing by some and ‘ really funny’ by others. It gives a realistic view into the life of a life-long public servant of Arizona. This book is appropriate for readers from age 10 to adult.

Frank Luke, Jr.: World War I Flying Ace

Frank Luke, Jr lived a short life as one of America’s spectacular WW I Flying Aces. Born in Arizona, he was known as The Arizona Balloon Buster. In this book, learn about Luke’s early life in Arizona from childhood adventures to high school football. His time at the front is retold and explored, having up-to-date information regarding his death and purported “shoot-out” on the ground. This book is for all who want to learn more about one Arizona’s iconic figures and is aimed for readers from age 10 to adult.

Charles D. Poston & George W.P. Hunt: Arizona’s Founding Fathers

Charles DeBrille Poston, has been credited as being the Father of Arizona. Poston developed mining in Arizona and used those connections to lobby President Lincoln to make Arizona it’s own territory instead of combining it with New Mexico. His life of traveling and adventure found him penniless in the end.

George W.P Hunt, the first elected governor of Arizona was known as the Old Walrus due to his substantial size and handlebar moustache. He led Arizona for 7 terms and is buried under a white pyramid in the center of the city.

This book chronicles the two men whose vision created the great state of Arizona. Appropriate for readers from age 10 to adult.